Lectures & workshops

Talks & Speeches

Acquire overviews and general insights with brief and structured talks in a variety of fields that encompass and incorporate ingenuity

EduCon Workshops

Setup workshops with individuals or teams in order to get breadth (education) and depth (consulting) for specific company challenges.

Open-enrollment Programs

Get exposure to top notch knowledge, world-class professors and diverse set off peers that make meaningful networks in business domains.

People who are engaged in the sciences take a look at the service here as students or researchers will always get to the lab for one experiment or the other


Select lectures in specific disciplines, domains and topics and get exposure to world-class speakers and diverse perspectives.

Custom Education Programs

Structure completely customized programs for your team(s) or organization and develop mindset/competences that foster value-creation.


Acquire insights and ingenuous perspectives through in-depth discussions and coaching on individual or team level.

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