Ingenuity delivers the mind and the heart to efforts thus driving exponential effect on outcomes.

Each component is characterized by:

  • How much it is utilized (Quantity)
    Quantity implies the extent to which individual/team/organization applies effort, mind (logic and imagination) and heart (engagement and passion) to deliver results.
  • How well it is utilized (Quality)
    Quality implies how well effort, mind and heart are utilized (as compared to maximum potential level) to drive results.
          – For efforts – quality implies efficiency of resource utilization to deliver             results
          – For ingenuity (mind and heart) – quality implies how well mind and
             heart are utilized to enable qualitatively different result delivery.
             Quality of mind‐heart interaction is maximized through
             Fundamental‐principles Thinking

Quality in Ingenuity is driven by –> Fundamental‐principles Thinking

Quality in Efforts is driven by –> Efficiency

Ingenuity arises from the most complex cognitive processes to simultaneously deliver imaginative novelty and meaningful value to an endeavor. It can be a characteristic of: (a) an individual/organization; (b) a process; and (c) an outcome (solution/product/service/project). Other definitions include:

  • the power of creative imagination in understanding a situation or problem‐solving (Vocabulary.com)
  • Ingenuity involves the most complex human thought processes, bringing together our thinking and acting both individually and collectively to take advantage of opportunities and/or overcome problems. (Wikipedia)
  • the skill and imagination to create new things (Merriam‐Webster Dictionary)
  • the skill of thinking, performing, or using things in new ways, especially to solve problems; ability to think of clever new ways of doing something (Cambridge Dictionary)
  • the quality of being clever, original, and inventive, often in the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges (Google Vocabulary; Oxford Dictionary)
  • the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful (Dictionary.com)
  • the ability to solve problems in new and clever ways (MacMillan Dictionary)
  • implies confluence of three factors: a challenge, an idea, and the pursuit of a solution (Inc.com)

Who we are

We are a global think‐tank – working with insightful people and audacious organizations on igniting ingenuity in efforts to sustainably drive outcomes that matter. We use fundamental‐principles thinking to provide a structured approach for igniting ingenuity in insightful people and audacious organizations in order to identify/challenge/change underlying principles (assumptions, beliefs, routines, dogmas) which can be managed as systemic, impactful and sustainable drivers of outcomes that matter.  Our approach to maximizing ingenuity builds onto our research and working with companies on understanding biology of human mind and body, psychology of information‐processing and decision‐making, sociology of interactions and influences and economic principles as they drive human ingenuity, especially in contexts of high ambiguity and high uncertainty. 

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We encompass a unique global network of thinkers who provide:
Breadth of insights – as they are from diverse disciplines, regions and contexts
Quality of insights – as we integrate disciplines to operate at their intersections
Relevance of insights – as they integrate both abstract and applied perspectives

Goran Vlašić, Council Chair

Founder of Innovation Insitute, professor at the University of Zagreb and winner of the EMA & McKinsey award for the best doctorate.

John Deighton

Pioneer in digital and interactive marketing. Professor at Harvard Business School. Author of the "Dove" case. President of the Marketing Science Institute.

Ajay Kohli

Worldwide authority in marketing strategy. His work revolutionized the conceptualization of marketing and led it to become a structured activity.

William Barnett

Author of the "Red Queen Strategy". One the most respected professors and authors in the field of corporate strategy. Consulted Mark Zuckerberg.

Gregory Carpenter

Pioneer of the concept "perceptual monopolies" which revolutionized how companies approach customers and create unique positions in their minds.

Michael Ahearne

Worldwide authority in sales management. Partner in one the leading sales consulting companies globally. Consulted some of the biggest names and companies.



Contrary to conventional approach which tries to foster creativity, we work to counter the innate non‐creativity of brain

unique approach

We utilize unique EduCon® approach which integrates Education (builds competences) and Consulting (delivers desired results)

UNIQUe process

We utilize unique Fundamental‐principles thinking which delivers structure to thinking in order to integrate mind and heart and deliver ingenuity

unique outcomes

We deliver unique systemic results which enable operationalization and implementation to deliver optimal results across conflicting/paradoxical options



Every person and every client has specific challenges in their business domain.

Let`s discover yours.

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