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We explore biology, psychology, sociology, and economics of creativity in order to build approaches which maximize one’s ability to reach his/her ingenuity/creative potentials in business


We work with companies to deliver value‐creating strategies to: a) Foresee change (macro vs. micro); b) Adopt to change and implement it within your organization; c) Initiate change within the organization

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Markets exist only in human minds – so by combining biology, psychology, sociology, economics – marketers can devise ingenious market strategies which respond to change innovate/drive markets.


The goal of every product/service is to build strong differentiated value which gives them monopolistic position. We help you build both a) Product-based monopolies and b) Perceptual monopolies


Setting up organizations as a set of a) Projects – cohesive structures to deliver results (at certain time intervals vs. at the “end”).; and b) Operations – a set of processes that provide support across projects.


Since humans are non‐creative by birth, companies should build innovation systems which counter the innate non‐creativity with (a) culture; (b) structure: (c) processes: (d) people: (e) systems.

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