Self-administered Tools

Books & Reports

Books, reports and whitepapers provide insights on key existing challenges and perspectives for the future

Tools & Frameworks

Providing tools and frameworks in various areas that guide individuals and teams towards ingenious outcomes.

Tests & Scales

Discover existing states and future potentials in fundamental fields, concepts and processes in ingenuity.

Lectures & workshops

Talks & Speeches

Acquire overviews and general insights with brief and structured talks in a variety of fields that encompass and incorporate ingenuity

EduCon Workshops

Setup workshops with individuals or teams in order to get breadth (education) and depth (consulting) for specific company challenges.

Open-enrollment Programs

Get exposure to top notch knowledge, world-class professors and diverse set off peers that make meaningful networks in business domains.


Select lectures in specific disciplines, domains and topics and get exposure to world-class speakers and diverse perspectives.

Custom Education Programs

Structure completely customized programs for your team(s) or organization and develop mindset/competences that foster value-creation.


Acquire insights and ingenuous perspectives through in-depth discussions and coaching on individual or team level.


We structure research projects which deliver reliable insights based on academically rigorous research in order to facilitate ingenuity and improve decision-making.


Structuring research for individual/team level to learn existing states (satisfaction, retention) and discover potentials (ingenuity/ambidexterity scale).


Uncover organization level insights focused on structures, processes, culture and leadership and learn paths for maximizing organizational competences.


Acquire market inputs so that consumers provide insights and directions which foster, not substitute, ingenious decision-making.


Every person and every client has specific challenges in their business domain. Let`s discover yours. It is a tool that will teach the student how to put down his own lab report
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