solutions for specific challenges


Problems arise in generating ideas (lack of structure), selecting ideas (brain functioning) and implementing ideas (achieving consensus).


Unfortunately, decision-making very often switches to intersection of experiences (from union of experiences when decision‐making is not involved).


Mistakes and pivoting imply something was not done right the first time around (some explicit/implicit assumptions are faulty).


The concept of loyalty (willingness to recommend to self), does not exist in reality. It is just our brain being lazy to make new decisions and "suffering" loss.


Consumers are not about state but how they transition across states (AIDA). Average customer does not exist – we should learn from extremes.


Balancing is not a good option – you should not balance between extremes but maximize both extremes (exploit AND explore).

Verbs in the passive voice have two parts some form of the verb to be and a past participle form snap to see of the action verb was thrown
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